The sensitive interpretation of important works in this genre makes Katharina Sellheim a much demanded piano partner for singers.

Since the beginning of her studies at Hannover University for Music and Drama the pianist is enthusiastic about the art form 'Lied'. The rich poetic and melodious facets of this genre are a challenge for every pianist.

In Norman Shetler's master classes, Katharina Sellheim proved herself to be an empathetic partner for all voices. In 2004 and 2005, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau engaged her for the accompaniment of his master classes in St. Paul with Goethe and Mörike-Lieder by Hugo Wolf.

By now, Katharina Sellheim accompanies and teaches singers at Hannover University for Music and Drama and works with singers of the Hamburg State Opera, the Darmstadt State Opera and others. In numerous recitals the pianist shows professionalism on a high artistic level. Her Lieder repertoire includes Lieder of all epochs, different countries and different genres.