Repertoire: Chamber music

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violin - piano
The sonata repertoire of classic and romantic, Bach sonata, Bartok-rhapsodies and some contemporary works.
viola - piano
The viola repertoire, the Gamben sonata from J.S. Bach, Rebekka Clarke sonata and some contemporary sonata.
violoncello - piano
Works from classic, romantic and modernity for violoncello and piano.
contrabass - piano
The contrabass repertoire with sonata from Johann Matthias Sperger bis Karel Reiner.
string chamber music
Classic, romantic and modernity piano trios, e.g. Jean Francaix-Trio.

Classic and romantic piano quartetts, e.g. Fanny Mendelssohn-Quartett, Gabriel Fauré-Quartett and two premieres from the contemporary componist Friedrich Scholz

Piano quintetts from Schumann, Brahms and Dvorak, the "Forellenquintett" from Franz Schubert

Chamber music in mixed instrumentations with Singing, strings and blowers from Beethoven to Ravel